About Us

Driven by dedication to capturing the hearts and the imaginations of the communities we serve, London Edinburgh Holdings is a leader in sustainable real estate development, promoting a better quality of life. We reuse buildings, recycle stone and reduce the carbon footprint of our developments. Our Heritage cannot be reinvented.




With a team of highly skilled professionals, London Edinburgh Holdings is one of the leading SME developers in Edinburgh.

Maria Thomson, LLB, HONS
(Joint Managing Director)

Maria is the director in charge of all construction related matters and responsible for the delivery of our development projects. She has experience in the construction industry and has worked on numerous residential and commercial to residential development projects. Maria is a lawyer and she has owned an Edinburgh estate agency, she is used to managing large teams. She has been a property developer for more than two decades and was developing in 2008.

Gordon Thomson, LLB
(Joint managing director)

Gordon is responsible for the acquisition of all development projects. He is a lawyer and a planning expert. He has considerable experience of the legal implications of property transactions and is the main liaison with investors and debt funders. Gordon owned an estate agency in Edinburgh and he has been a property developer for more than two decades.

Caitlin Thomson
(Director of Marketing and Design)

Caitlin is an experienced designer who runs a team of CGI experts. She is a marketer who understands developments. Caitlin creates unique and attractive identities for our developments. She has an arsenal of tools: CGIs, virtual walk-throughs and lead-capturing websites to name but a few.

Keanu Thomson
(Sales director and land acquisitions)

Keanu has a background in digital marketing and runs our online sales campaigns. He sources future developments. Keanu finds additional value in our projects where our investors benefit from planning gain.

At London Edinburgh Holdings we have  sophisticated systems of management following the best practices of Price Waterhouse Cooper, this is overseen by Keanu.

Ben Allard, Bsc, HONS
(Construction project management)

Ben is our Construction project manager with a record of success on multi-million-pound projects, as well as leading design and build tenders and aftercare service. He is backed by strong credentials and delivery of a number of multi-million-pound projects on time and on budget.


Alan Howatson is an experienced site manager and is responsible for the day to day management of specific development projects in the Highlands. This includes managing the project costs and programme, on-site trades and sub-contractors. Prior to joining London Edinburgh he had his own property development company.

Maria Rogers, bsc, hons

Maria is an experienced site manager. She has developed her own commercial to residential developments in Dundee. Living in Edinburgh, she has joined the team and she is responsible for the day to day management of specific sites.

Charles Pearson, Bsc, Hons
(Construction & development manager)

A qualified civil engineer, Charles has an MBA from Edinburgh University. He has a vast experience in the construction industry and in delivering multi-million-pound developments. Prior to joining London Edinburgh he was Managing Director of his own construction company.


Claire is the director of Golden Property Group (UK Limited). She is a property investor with her own portfolio of Buy to Lets, as well as a property developer in London. She is the first private investor to work with Maria and Gordon and continues to invest with London Edinburgh Holdings. She also connects investors from the UK and the Far East for various projects, and manages them from the start until the end of the project.


After leaving University, Helen went to work for Goldman Sachs on the trading floor. Helen is experienced in wealth management. An exit strategy of London Edinburgh is to market our developments to investors. Helen is responsible for dealing with investors and in marketing the Developments principally in Hong Kong and Malaysia but we do have contacts in Brazil and the USA. Helen is responsible for developing this area.


Senior Partner of Johnson Legal, with over 25 successful years experience in all areas of the legal business, his experience in commercial and residential law enables David to do the best for you by wisely and efficiently managing each case and personally fulfiling all our clients expectations and requirements.



London Edinburgh Holdings has extensive experience of the development process and have completed a number of projects both directly and on behalf of private investors and specialist funds. From initial development appraisal and design feasibility, to extensive due diligence such as exploring funding options and partners, assessing planning risk and structure options, to market pricing and exit strategies. London Edinburgh Holdings look to target prime off market opportunities which provide both planning and development gain.


In conjunction with a development partner London Edinburgh Holdings is responsible for all aspects of the development process and will appoint and manage the project team from inception through to completion. London Edinburgh Holdings is well versed in operating within bespoke joint venture structures and work to provide commercially viable and quality projects in prime areas. These structures provide an opportunity to combine skills, expertise and resources, diversify risk and ultimately profit through partnership.